Pythium ultimum

Organism Details
Common Name Pythium ultimum
Genus Pythium
Species ultimum
Abbreviation P.ultimum
Pythium ultimum is a plant pathogen. See Wikipedia for (slightly) more.
Data Type Summary
The following data types are currently present for this organism
Feature Type Count
match_part 9,662
expressed_sequence_match 1,697
exon 1,653
protein_match 907
match 763
polypeptide 347
mRNA 344
gene 343
non_canonical_three_prime_splice_site 4
transcript 3
non_canonical_five_prime_splice_site 2
contig 1
Feature Browser
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Feature Name Unique Name Type
snap_masked-scf1117875582023-abinit-gene-9.25 snap_masked-scf1117875582023-abinit-gene-9.25 gene
snap_masked-scf1117875582023-abinit-gene-9.3 snap_masked-scf1117875582023-abinit-gene-9.3 gene
snap_masked-scf1117875582023-abinit-gene-9.32 snap_masked-scf1117875582023-abinit-gene-9.32 gene